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Compressed Air Piping

A typical compressed air system will make use of piping to deliver compressed air to the points of usage.

Promptair & Electrical Pty Ltd: Expertise in all compressed air works.

When we design a system, we come up with the right system size for you and ensure you get a working, effective and efficient system by calculating air flow rates.

At Promptair & Electrical Pty Ltd, we provide superior compressed air piping services.We design, supply and install all piping systems on top of servicing all accessories, including quick connectors, lubricators, regulators and air guns. By making sure to use components manufactured from premium quality materials, we ensure optimum performance, surpassing all Australian standards and meeting WorkSafe requirements.


From the maintenance of air receivers and piping to the installation of whole new compressed air systems, our experts at Promptair & Electrical Pty Ltd will undertake all kinds of compressed air works. Don't hesitate to call on us for a quote or for advice and information.

At Promptair & Electrical Pty Ltd, we provide reliable and professional filtration services:

  • In-Line Filtration
  • Particle, Oil And Odour Removal Services
  • Oil And Water Separation Services
  • For Use In General Engineering Workshops For Spray Painting And Breathing Purposes

To ensure that you have a sound and efficient compressed air system, you must make sure that your filtration, compressed air piping, receivers and other components are all working well. Contact us at Promptair & Electrical Pty Ltd for incomparable expertise at reasonable prices.


The ambient air we breathe is inadequate in many industrial applications. Even when compressed, there is the need for filtration in order to remove contaminants such as microbes and airborne particles. This is an important step as your machinery needs to be protected from damage and failure caused by contamination.

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