Air Filtration Services in Australia

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Promptair & Electrical specialises in supplying, installing and maintaining air compressors and also provides air filtration services around Australia.

As a leading supplier of air compressors, Promptair & Electrical provides air filtration services to eliminate contaminants such as microbes and airborne particles from the air, particularly in an industrial environment.

Giving You Cleaner Compressed Air

The air we breathe contain pollutants that are not visible to the naked eye. Even when air is compressed, there is the need for filtration in order to remove contaminants such as microbes and airborne particles.

As such, your machinery needs to be protected from failure caused by contamination. Our air filtration services will ensure you have a sound and efficient compressed air system.

Ensuring you have a sound and efficient compressed air system


Air Filtration Services Australia
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Our Range of Air Filtration Services

After the installation of your air compressor, you must ensure that your filtration, compressed air piping, receivers and other components are working well.

Promptair & Electrical provides you with reliable and professional filtration services such as:

  • In-line Filtration
  • Particle Removal, Oil Removal, Odour Removal services
  • Oil and Water Separation services

We provide you with reliable and professional filtration services


Air Filtration Services Australia

Top notch expertise at a reasonable prices

Promptair & Electrical Pty Ltd is an Air Compressor Maintenance that also offers system installation, maintenance and repair services.

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