Piston Air Compressors Melbourne

Do you make use of compressed air for your activity? Depending on your application, you will probably need to choose between piston-type compressors or portable compressors.

Various compressed air options for light or heavy usage

Since portable compressors are not equipped with tanks, they require continuous running so as to deliver air. For this reason portable compressors are often used for casual or light use (inflating tires, spray guns, glue guns, etc.) On the other hand, industrial applications requiring substantial  usage and continuous air delivery will invariably need piston air compressors. This option will easily support sustained use and proves to be more efficient at getting the job done. Single stage piston air compressors is suited for lighter use, while two-stage compressors are used for the more demanding applications. For even more demanding industrial applications, rotary screw air compressors can be used.

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