Compressed Air Piping Systems Dandenong

There are many factors to consider when you are planning to install a new compressed air system or refurbish your existing one.

Take into consideration your future needs when planning for your compressed air system

For instance, if you are planning to expand your industrial activity in the long run, you may require your compressed air system to be able to deliver more important volumes of compressed air than what was planned for initially. By the same token, your compressed air piping systems must be able to carry a more important flow of air eventually, as well as sustaining the pressure within. For this reason, it is always better to plan for a little leeway by fitting larger pipes than that which would be needed for the job. This will also reduce the risk of pressure drop to occur.

At Promptair and Electrical, we can advise you and provide you with top grade service and installation so that you have the compressed air system you need in Dandenong, not just now, but in a few years time too!