Air Compressor Services and Repairs Dandenong

Your compressed air equipment is not working properly and you are reluctant to invest in brand new machinery? Maybe your budget doesn't allow you to presently buy a new air compressor.

Adapted solutions for all your needs in compressed air

Don't fret. Here at Promptair and Electrical, we can undertake all kinds of air compressor services and repairs, providing customised solutions for quick and effective repairs. We'll assess the state of your equipment and provide you with a run down of your available options, whether repairs are possible and if it's the case, how much you can expect they will cost. If repairs are not possible, we can also provide turnkey solutions if you want to, with a complete overhaul of your equipment by replacing your old air compressor with a brand new one, or with a second hand outfit.

At Promptair & Electrical Pty Ltd, we can undertake air compressor servicing and repairs in Dandenong for all your compressed air applications.