Air Compressor Sales Dandenong

With its extensive experience in the selling, installation, repair and maintenance of air compressors of all types, Promptair & Electrical Pty Ltd is the place to go in Dandenong.

What are air compressors used for?

Air compressors have various applications depending on whether they are for home or for industrial use. In the house, they find their use in air conditioners, air pumps, refrigeration and high pressure car washers etc. At industrial level, they are found in hydraulic machines, drills, hammers and cutting and welding equipment among many others. At Promptair & Electrical Pty Ltd, you will find a wide selection of high class compressors. The company is involved in air compressor sales and prides itself on the quality of its service. Moreover, it is committed to customer satisfaction. As a result, you can expect an excellent after sales service

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