Air Compressor Filtration Systems Dandenong

A top quality compressed air system will not work effectively if its filtration system doesn't. Here at Promptair and Electrical we can undertake all works for compressed air systems and their filtration systems.

The importance of filtration systems

Due to its recurrent use in industrial settings, air compressors are often used in dusty or dirty environments. For instance, it is not unusual to use air compressors in establishments which work metal and wood; and in other workshops doing specific tasks such as sand-blasting. As dust causes wear to the parts of the compressor machinery, it is important to protect the elements prone to dust, hence the installation of air compressor filtration systems. This will extend the lifetime of the compressor by preventing maintenance issues resulting from accumulation of dust in the equipment.

Trust us at Promptair and Electrical Pty Ltd to provide you with excellence in all compressed air installations in Dandenong and across the whole of Melbourne.