Air Compressor Air Tanks Dandenong

Does your business or industry in Dandenong need new air compressor equipment to be installed? Whether you need to replace your tank or filtration system, Promptair and Electrical can supply you with the parts and equipment you need.

Total compressed air solutions for industrial and professional use

An air compressor system is an ensemble of individual units of equipment set up to provide compressed air. The type of application needing and making use of the compressed air will define the way in which the system is set up and the particular instruments and outfits used. Obviously, a business making light or moderate use of compressed air will require a different set up compared to an industrial plant requiring a continuous supply of compressed air on a 24/7 basis. This is true not only for the whole systems, but also for individual parts such as air compressor air tanks, filters and dryers.

Here at Promptair and Electrical Pty Ltd, we can provide you with all types of new or used replacement parts as well as maintenance services to make your system work smoothly.