Air Compressor Air Dryers Victoria

The purpose of an air dryer as the name suggests is to remove moisture from an air compressor, one of the most indispensable equipment in many plants.

Types of compressor air dryers

There are basically four major types of air compressor air dryers available, namely desiccant dryers, also called "regens", "egenerative" or "twin tower" dryers, refrigerated dryers, deliquescent dryers and membrane dryers. Each one of them has its own particular characteristics and is used accordingly. Their main purpose, however, is to get rid of the water droplets or vapour that get accumulated in air compressors. The company Promptair & Electrical Pty Ltd that offers its services in the region of Victoria is a renowned name in the sale of air compressor and air dryer. They also provide installation, repair and maintenance services of high quality.

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