Air Compressor Air Dryers Dandenong

Air dryers are very handy pieces of equipment that can save people a lot of money. It forms part of an air compression system that can be found in most industrial plants.

What are air dryers?

Air Compressor Air Dryers are machines that get rid of water and contaminants from air compressors. There are various types of dryers on the market, namely absorption, desiccant, compact and user friendly and refrigeration compressed air dryers amongst others. They can be categorised into two main types: one that uses the refrigeration method and the other the absorption method. Conveniently, with the use of air dryers, oil droplets within the air mass are also removed. Promptair & Electrical Pty Ltd in Dandenong can assist you in choosing the right and most appropriate air dryer for your business. The company deals in the sale, installation, repair and maintenance of all types of compressor equipment.

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